Developing and Winning as a Team

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We are a cycling team that actively competes in road, cyclocross, track, and mountain bike races throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Our team strives to win and have fun while fueling the development of riders and cycling in the local community.

To support our team we have a strong network of coaches, sponsors, weekly team rides, and organized skills clinics.  The team has worked to create a well-organized, motivated and cohesive group of athletes who love to race.  To build on past success, we are always looking to add more dedicated riders.

Member Benefits

  • Race Reimbursement Program for all qualifying members (see below)

  • Elite Cat 1/2 Race Incentives

  • Organized team training rides and professional skills clinics

  • Women’s and Men’s team training camp

  • Specialized Ambassador sponsorship program

  • Hammer & Smith sponsorship program

Membership Requirements

  • Annual team dues $75

  • Purchase of one team kit (jersey and bib)

  • 5 race minimum across any discipline

  • 10 race minimum to qualify for Race Reimbursement

Team Structure

Hagens Berman Cycling is an amateur-only race team with new sponsors and a dedication to developing Seattle area racers.  

Interested in Joining the Team?

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Hagens Berman Society Consulting Cycling Team, P.O. Box 193, Medina, WA 98039